Fruits, Vegetables and Produces

Fruits and Vegetables
 We provide the best quality of fruits and Vegetables such as Avocados, Matooke, Apples, Pineapples, Passion Fruits, Mangoes, Hot pepper, Chilli, Yam, Ginger, Sweet Potatoes (Red and White) fresh Beans and dry Beans, Gnuts buy growing and buying. We harvest every product at its pitch of perfection with the need of them reaching the international market with great freshness. We grow and buy in order to increase on the quantity of the products for export. We export to east African countries, Europe, America and Asia.

Leem Fast Solutions Limited with its main activities spreading to procure, process and export, quality agro commodities, cereals and pulses. we have the experience in the agro produce business in east Africa. we have firmly established ourselves as a leading trader/ importer/ exporter and distributor for food commodities including sugar, rice, Beans, Maize flour, wheat flour and Sesame.

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